I am writing this article and analysis because some people stay alone in the new age and with the new lifestyle during and them COVID19 is possible to depress quickly.

Some channel of entertainment is the games, puzzle, paints, make music, or view TV comics shows, but, it is difficult to make the change in the world.

Some people pay a psychologist professional, to increase the relational communication to lower stress or depression of loneliness. That is ok, and more app developers to help people to obtain any relationship or goals, but not all is ok to humanity. The human needs more love and contact with persons or souls animals and plants, to stay included in process recognition in our life.

Right now, you can make friends in some coffee store, or some game sites, courses, and space do you want to visit. I know it difficult to establish right now some conversation per quarantine with another person, but we now have some tools how Whatsapp, Meet of Google, Zoom, Skype, and others; I could not imagine a quarantine in 1900.

The change is right now, and does not say Do you want?

It is the time of change to make some difference, review inside you, make some introspection, you can remember times and funny days with family and friends.

You are different, You can see things life with another eye.

The moment is Now!